DON ENRIQUE - Shipibo Curandero

Don Enrique is a Shipibo curandero,
working as a healer with
Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Doña Wilma Mahua Campos, also from Shipibo origin,
is his partner and assistant.

Don Enrique Lopez is a Shipibo shaman from the community of Roaboya on the River Ucayali.
When he was 10 years old he started his apprenticeship as a shaman with his grandfather.
His Icaros chants are in the native Shipibo language which adds another dimension
to the ceremonies - and actually he's a real musical talent, too.
Enrique knows a lot about plant medicines and diets.
The Shipibo people are regarded as masters of Ayahuasca.
Enrique is a very nice person and gentle and caring in his work.

Read an interview with Don Enrique.

See a video with Don Enrique,
clip taken at an Eagle's Wing Amazon Retreat at Mishana, showing the start of an ayahuasca ceremony.

Ayahuasca Ceremonial Cloth
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